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Waters Run Wild



Cover art by Lauren Adams
Cover design by Kristine Lowe-Martin

Praise for Waters Run Wild


ITEM IS OUT OF PRINT ISBN: 978-0-9728708-5-6
Andrea Fekete has a gift. Her debut novel, Waters Run Wild, reads more like poetry than prose and left this reader wanting more of her lyrical brand of storytelling.
James E. Casto Sunday Gazette-Mail See complete review

Waters Run Wild is a vivid and enchanting portrait of the large struggles and small triumphs of life in the coalfields in an earlier and rougher era, a literary tour de force by a talented new author worthy of being compared to Davis Grubb, another great West Virginia author. It’s one of the best accounts of life in rural Appalachia I have read.
J.D. Charles, Logan Banner
See complete review

Filled with poetic language that reads like my grandparents' dreams, Waters Run Wild, Andi Fekete's first novel, pays homage to such great southern and Appalachian works as Their Eyes Were Watching God and Storming Heaven. Her characters are at once fresh and traditional, the details of setting authentic yet original; and her protagonist is both naive and wise. The plot moves spontaneously and guilelessly like life in West Virginia's hills during the days of coal company stores, scrip and early union activity. Here's one to rival the classics of Appalachian literature.
Ron Houchin, author of Among Wordless Things, the Appalachian Writers' Association Poetry Book-of-the-Year, 2005

Waters Run Wild is a smooth ride over rough terrain: mine disasters, union busting, racially motivated violence, hunger and anger and deep-seated grief. Fekete’s fiction marks the place where nature and human suffering meet, the voices of coal dust and rain joining with the general chorus of hard-pressed characters to create some of the most memorable mountain music this side of Lee Smith.
Trudy Lewis, author of The Bones of Garbo, for which she was awarded the Sandstone Prize in Short Fiction, and Private Correspondences, winner of the William Goyen Award for Fiction.

With language of a poet and surety of an experienced storyteller, Andrea Fekete steps forth with a beautiful debut novel in the tradition of Lee Smith and James Still. Waters Run Wild is a rich and moving novel that reaches beyond its time and place to capture readers’ hearts and imaginations. How exciting to have this powerful new voice among us.
Darnell Arnoult, author of Sufficient Grace and What Travels With Us.