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Everyday Wonder or The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog


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The Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) selected James Henry Taylor's Everyday Wonder or The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog for its 2011 recommended reading list for grades 9-12.

Comments: Like an intrepid guide, Taylor escorts readers on a delightful stroll through nature, both wild and human. These twenty-six amusing stories demonstrate how the abecediary form is less a writing constraint than literary liberation from the predictable. From aardvarks to fish, toads to zebras, grownups to children, and so much in between, Taylor's world is indeed a wonder as he cleverly reminds us again and again that it is often the ordinary that makes life extraordinary. A pleasure to read!
--Debra Di Blasi, author of Drought, Prayers of an Accidental Nature, What the Body Requires, and The Jiri Chronicles.

James Henry Taylor's love of language and passion for words shiine through on every page of this unique collection.
--David Lubar, author of Hidden Talents,, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Flip, Dunk, True Talents, and more.

Using the simplicity of the alphabet to delve into the complexity of the natural world, the mind and the heart, James Henry Taylor gives us short, charming and diverting fiction. Do you ever wonder if wanting will work wonders? Or what your cats do all day long? Like modern Aesop's Fables--appropriate for a broad audience--Everyday Wonder educates and engages.--Editors.

Cover design by Kristine Lowe-Martin.

Release date: June 1, 2010