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alwaysandalwayscoverAlways and Always is a collection of short poems that remind us of the basic beauty of time and place, love and loss – keen, playful, poignant and life-inspiring.

Sandra Wayne, also an award-winning photographer, uses language to capture moments and feelings like images that are appropriate for all ages.

Always and Always is Sandra’s second collection and contains over 90 poems and ten black and white photographs.

Available at book sellers or contact us directly.  We offer direct sale discounts.

  • Print ISBN 978-09986685-3-6    Retail:  $12.95  S&H $2.50
  • Available on  Amazon

SleepingLifeSleeping Life and Other Stories by James Henry Taylor

Fiction, like dreams, reflects our reality- past, present, and future- opening our minds and our hearts to new possibilities and understanding.

In his third collection, physicist, educator, and author James Henry Taylor explores the rich, haunting life of the human imagination with precise, believable, and vivid language.

Including illustrations by artist Andrea Badger, Sleeping Life and Other Stories is beautiful and thought-provoking short fiction.

            • ISBN 978-0-9986685-1-2, $15.95+ $3.50 S&H
            • Available on Amazon: AMAZON
            • Also available as Amazon Kindle: AMAZON

Gossip in the Leaves by Sandra S. WayneGILFrontCover (524x800)

Gossip in the Leaves is a collection of short poems that capture life in its many forms, juxtaposing the simplicity of youth and nature with the realities of aging and fond remembrances.

            • ISBN 978-0-9728708-9-4, $7.95+ $1.50 S&H
            • Available on Amazon: AMAZON


Everyday Wonder or the Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog  by James Henry TaylorUsing the simplicity of the alphabet to delve into the complexity of the natural world, the mind and the heart, James Henry Taylor gives us short, charming and diverting fiction. Do you ever wonder if wanting will work wonders? Or what your cats do all day long? Like modern Aesop’s Fables–appropriate for a broad audience–Everyday Wonder educates and engages.

            • ISBN 978-0-9728708-4-9, $9.00+ $3.50 S&H
            • Available on Amazon: AMAZON
            • Also available as Amazon Kindle: AMAZON

DeltaPearlsDelta Pearls by Judith Bader Jones

In a world where technological innovation and mass media are homogenizing American English, Judith Bader Jones preserves the beauty of the vernacular language distinctive to the Missouri Delta–that “mosquito infested backdrop of civilization”–and captures the heart of people in the process of loving and losing, being and becoming.

            • ISBN 0-9728708-2-2, $11.95+ $3.50 S&H


A Horse Named Kat by Lucy S. Lauer

Available from Cave Hollow Press

Sweetgum Press partially funded the publication (by Cave Hollow Press) of this middle reader by Lucy S. Lauer.

From the cover: Filled with exciting details about barrel and flag racing, pole bending, and bare-back riding, A Horse Named Kat is about horses, friends, family and fitting in.


AtTheMastheadAt the Masthead by Jim Boan

This item is no longer available through Sweetgum Press. The remaining copies were donated to and are available through Stoddard County Historical Society.

An engaging memoir by the past editor of the Vindicator, a small town newspaper in Southeast Missouri. It’s a richly detailed story of small town publishing, and a warm tribute to the people and place the paper served. 

                                            ISBN 0-9728708-0-6


The Spring Branch by Tony Shaffer   . . . a long poem about fly fishing, life, a good dog, and form.

ISBN 978-0-9728708-3-2





Through Eyes of Stone by Michael I Hobbs

This short memoir by a Missouri Vietnam veteran is no longer available through Sweetgum Press. The remaining copies were donated to and are available from The Stars and Stripes Museum. ISBN 0-9728708-1-4




Waters Run Wild by Andrea Fekete


ISBN 978-0-9728708-5-6

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